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“To inspire confidence through our timeless pieces and nostalgic creative."

- Our Mission

Our Story

Founded in June 2021 by a small team of creatives in Manchester, England. 33mm is a premium unisex fashion brand designed for non-conformists and inspired by nostalgia.

We started 33mm because we couldn't find fashion pieces that met our standards. There was a lack of gender-fluid jewellery that were timeless and affordable. We also love vintage clothing but it often doesn't fit well or the material is worn out. That's why we decided to create pieces that we genuinely love.

We believe in creating timeless pieces that outlast seasonal trends and can be treasured forever. Every piece of jewellery and apparel is designed in-house at our Manchester studio.

The Name

What's that bittersweet feeling you get when watching a Hollywood classic or coming across a picture of a young Leonardo DiCaprio or Audrey Hepburn? Is it childhood memories? Or perhaps a subconscious desire to connect with a distant, forgotten past?

That’s precisely where the name 33mm comes from. It was inspired by the hippocampus, the area of our brain responsible for nostalgia, which measures, on average, 33mm.

The Vision

Numero Uno

We want to become the best fashion brand in the world and we're going to get there by doing what's right, being kind, spreading positivity and not taking any shortcuts.

Community Driven

As we grow we want to stay commited to being a community driven brand. Listening to your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the brand, together.

Customer Centric

Our customers are our focal point and all of our decision making will be based around you. We will continue to strive for improvements in product design, quality and customer experience.

Our Community

We read every single comment, dm and email. We want this to be a two way conversation where we can have authentic dialogue and share ideas together. Your feedback directly impacts the decision making within the brand and we would love to hear from you.

Let us know how we can improve!

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